Nominated Discussion: How to Change Forward Decrypt Trust Certificate

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This Nominated Discussion Article is based on the post "Change forward decrypt trust cert to a new one" by @djon and answered by @emr_1. Read on to see the discussion and solution!


I have forward ssl decrypt running and I want to change the cert I use. Can only have one forward trust cert at a time. If I deselect forward trust box I get commit error because my ssl decrypt policies don't have a forward trust cert. I can't select forward trust on the new cert until the old cert has forward trust deselected.

So now what do I do? 


You don't need to "deselect and commit".


Just change the certificate and commit will work (at least worked on my lab / pan-os 10.1.6-h6)

Image 001.png


Also make sure to have a private key for it.

Following two screenshots show what happens if you did not import private key (you won't be able to select Forward Trust Cert option):


Image 001.png

Image 002.png


tags: certificates, SSL Forward Proxy, Management, Management & Administration, NGFW, certificate management

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