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Resolved! Prisma Cloud Qradar Integration Still Exist?

I had this link bookmarked a while ago and now it seems to have been taken down.  Is there still native integration?  I can't find any documentation around it and it does not show up as an option under enterprise settings->integrations.




Resolved! AWS Serverless and IAM security checks

Hello Prisma Cloud Experts,


I'm fairly new to CWPP and tried some native and free options and looking at commercial products now. VNETs, Traditional compute and private endpoints are not difficult to grasp, while the transition to serverless is sli


SergGur by L2 Linker
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Resolved! Time interval setting for Anomaly Settings

At first glance, it looks as if there is no real way to put a setting to the Anomaly Setting for "Port Scan Activity (External)".  The rationale behind the question is, you're only looking at the amount of scans for the Conservative Moderate and Aggr