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About VirusTotal

Welcome to the VirusTotal discussion forum. This forum exists as a place to submit verdict review requests for False Positive verdicts for Palo Alto Networks (Known Signatures) seen on VirusTotal. All posts to this forum must be properly structured in order to be reviewed by our team.

For an introduction to the forum, please see the sticky!

This forum is not a customer support venue. Palo Alto Networks staff will not engage in active discussions on this forum. Our staff will ingest properly formatted submissions for review and update Palo Alto Networks (Known Signatures) verdicts when appropriate. For information on contacting Palo Alto Networks support, click here.

Forum Posts

VirusTotal Verdict Change Request for False Positive

Sticky post for VirusTotal Discussion Forum. This forum is here to enable those who are not Palo Alto Networks customers to submit a false positive verdict change request for a Palo Alto Networks verdict on VirusTotal. (i.e. malware or malicious verd...

brcook by L2 Linker
  • 0 replies

Resolved! believed false positive

The most recent installer 1,3 installer for php 5.5 of: is flagged as a virus. I belive this is wrong. Download available here:

jabbera by L0 Member
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Virus total false positive, Client

Hi, We recently noticed a flag on our software at from your company. I believe this is a false positive. Our product is developed with strict security in mind and we've been promoting our brand online since 1998, first software in 2010...

Resolved! VirusTotal False positives

Greetings, We have recently noticed some of our software showing as "generic.pup" on Virustotal by your program Palo Alto Networks (known signatures) Paretologic PC Health Advisor foreign language installers:

pbirch by L0 Member
  • 2 replies

Virus Total PaloAltoNetworks FALSE POSITIVE

Based on VirusTotal results, PaloAltoNetworks reports as a virus. We are sure the file is secure, so we think it is a False Positive. We would appreciate any guidance on the matter. Regard...

kozois by L0 Member
  • 1 replies

Resolved! False Positive submission

Hello, Our software updater ARMupdt.exe has been flagged as 'generic.pup' by Palo Alto Networks version 20170403, as discovered on

gdmdata by L0 Member
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Other false positive removal request

Greetings,We have checked our software on VirusTotal and see other 8 false positive detections (generic.pup). The latest reports from VT are:

Resolved! False Positive Report (generic.pup)

Dear Sirs,My name is Ian and I represent TweakBit. We have recently released a new version of our products and it is detected by you as “generic.pup”. Please help us to solve this issue asap. DriverUpdatergeneric.pup -

Resolved! False Positive Removal Request

Greetings,We have checked our software on VirusTotal and see false positive detections (generic.pup).File Hash: b3dee21b8f7f4e7c6d37c70bb37222ffa4415c7e0fe61ace1a22cd2b60a3c8ccCurrent VT Verdict: generic.pupDescription: False positive detection in pc...

Resolved! False Positive for IWsIMF_AV.exe

Dear Sir or Madam, This is Maggie from IObit. You have mistakenly detected the file IWsIMF_AV.exe in IObit Malware Fighter v5 as threats. It is a false positive. It will bring troubles to both our users and affect our reputation. Please check details...

False Positve

Hello, the file dbsBonReport.exeSHA256:98e08257552531a482b190ce030fa9371b0268b151604ef344440ce98a37d7e3is detected as .

Resolved! False Positive

Hello, the file beds.exe is detected as .This is a false positive. The file is clean. It is not malware. Please fix thi...

Resolved! False positive report IVersion.exe

Greetings, File Hash: 836a280f14a10cb552b14de7daa187f3cda12628d5c5cbf9ae7647fb6519bbe4Current VT Verdict: generic.mlDescription: False positive detection in IVersion.exe with Palo Alto definition version 20170320 on VirusTotal. The latest report from...

olegas22 by L1 Bithead
  • 4 replies

Resolved! False Positive Submission (

Hello!We have checked our software on VirusTotal and see false positive detection ( check the protected zip file with sample: also contains link to Viru...

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