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About VirusTotal

Welcome to the VirusTotal discussion forum. This forum exists as a place to submit verdict review requests for False Positive verdicts for Palo Alto Networks (Known Signatures) seen on VirusTotal. All posts to this forum must be properly structured in order to be reviewed by our team.

For an introduction to the forum, please see the sticky!

This forum is not a customer support venue. Palo Alto Networks staff will not engage in active discussions on this forum. Our staff will ingest properly formatted submissions for review and update Palo Alto Networks (Known Signatures) verdicts when appropriate. For information on contacting Palo Alto Networks support, click here.


VirusTotal Verdict Change Request for False Positive

Sticky post for VirusTotal Discussion Forum.


This forum is here to enable those who are not Palo Alto Networks customers to submit a false positive verdict change request for a Palo Alto Networks verdict on VirusTotal. (i.e. malware or malicious


brcook by L2 Linker
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Resolved! False Positive (

Hi, I would like to report a false positive detection by Palo Alto Networks of the following file:


File Hash:
MD5: 9CC199FCECB75579C326C4429BEFFEA6
SHA1: A3B28D28E1D5F6C13F106303ED276C59AA1A8649
SHA256: 40E4ED47598CFD18B0CF66F1D867327D3340F88C600601A726


kns123 by L2 Linker
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False Positive Submission (

I'm developer of few programs.
Some time ago I protected my programs against cracking by Open Source's Confuser

After that your antivirus marks my programs as a virus in VirusTotal.
But that is 100% False Positive!

I also buyed "code sign certifiva


bohdash by L0 Member
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VirusTotal Verdict Change Request for False Positive

Dear Palo Alto Networks Team,
This is DVDFab Software Inc. team ( We noticed that one of our software (dvdfab12_online_12030) has False positive on Virus total report. However, our company is making every effort to keep our pr

idp.generic virus

IDP.generic is a potential threat to your system that has been detected by the Identity Detection Protection, or IDP feature of your antivirus program. This is designed to protect your computer from   that might steal your personal information and da


VirusTotal False Positive


File Hash: 47A28C74F15F4305FF6C8A6CCF269D80BF21F540184BB26F1986D8FCDCA59F48

Link to Virustotal report for the file:

Current VirustTotal Verd


Resolved! False-Positive detection:



We believe you are flagging our product (Chromium-based browser) incorrectly

We believe this to be a false positive since we don't have anything malware in our application.


Please find the details below:  

File Hash: <1cca6bf62c58d914d116f38827


Resolved! Virustotal false positive on AltDrag 1.43 software

I am a developer of the AltDrag software that allows you to move/resize windows with the Alt+Click combo like under Linux. Main page here:

Latest release 1.43 can be found here:


Resolved! False Positive Detection:



We believe Palo Alto is flagging our product (Chromium-based browser) incorrectly. 

We believe this detection to be a false positive since we don't have anything malware in our application. The program is clean, signed by a trusted party and

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