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Just like trekking a new trail or driving in an unfamiliar city, getting around a new online community can leave you wishing like you, well, had directions. So that’s what we’ve put together here—a guide to navigating our community, so you can start zipping through LIVEcommunity like a pro in no time. 


Whether you’re an old-timer looking for a refresher or a first-timer looking for a guide, please—join us as we “tour” through the LIVEcommunity ecosystem. 


Getting Around LIVEcommunity: Let's Take a Tour


News & Events


The LIVEcommunity News & Events area is where you will find the latest community news, information about events—like Q&As, Ask Me Anything sessions, and interactive webinars—as well as the latest from LIVEcommunity’s social media channels.




LIVEcommunity Discussions is where you’ll find member-generated discussions about Palo Alto Networks products. It’s a place to find answers, get support, and share knowledge related to Palo Alto Networks tools and products. Our discussions area is also a space to engage in conversation with peers in the cybersecurity and IT community.


To discuss a particular product, click the corresponding board in the general discussions area—you can then post directly into that forum. Our discussions areas are a living, evolving, interactive part of our community and just as the cybersecurity landscape and available tools change, so to will our forums. 


Product-specific forums are available via LIVEcommunity's general discussions area.Product-specific forums are available via LIVEcommunity's general discussions area.




The LIVEcommunity Blog area is where you will find posts covering everything from new releases and Palo Alto Networks events to important Tips & Tricks for using our products and discussions of the week (DOTW).


Stay tuned to our blogs page to find of-the-moment information—from notifications on new products, versions, and features to new training, tools, and anything else we think you might find helpful!




LIVEcommunity Articles area is where you will find expert-written articles and technical documentation about Palo Alto Networks products. It's also where you will find Nominated Discussions, which turns a discussion post with an Accepted Solution into an article in our knowledge base. 


Looking for Customer Journey Guides (shown in the screenshot below), content packs, playbooks, or information on upgrades? Our Articles section is where you'll want to look first.





Note: Only customers will be able to see certain content, such as Customer Journey Guides and customer-only webinars, video walkthroughs, articles, and other technical documentation. 




Under the LIVEcommunity Product dropdown, you will find Individual pages dedicated to all Palo Alto Networks technologies, as well as third-party integrations and compatibility with Palo Alto Networks products. 


A dedicated technology page is where you will find discussions, articles, blogs, webinars, customer journey guides, events, and more related to that product. We are constantly adding, customizing, and enhancing the LIVEcommunity ecosystem to include all Palo Alto Networks technologies and tools. 


Pro Tip: If you’re a heavy user of that product or simply want to stay up-to-date on the latest content related to that product, subscribe to that page using the upper lefthand Options dropdown.


Education Services 


LIVEcommunity’s Education Services area is chock-full of instructor-led trainings, certifications, and digital learnings to expand your knowledge as a cybersecurity professional. LIVEcommunity’s Education Services page is a great starting place to find the educational resources offered by Palo Alto Networks and its learning platform, Beacon.  


Customer Area

Only logged-in Palo Alto Networks customers will see the Customer dropdown in the upper righthand corner of LIVEcommunity.Only logged-in Palo Alto Networks customers will see the Customer dropdown in the upper righthand corner of LIVEcommunity.

If you are a customer, you have a special area you can access by clicking the Customer button as shown in the screenshot to the right. 



The Customer area is where you find important information, resources and support, including:

  • Livecommunity’s Customer Resources page, which is where release notes, previews, new App-IDs, and other important updates are published.
  • LIVEcommunity’s Customer News page, which is home to surveys, CX news, and our Customer News roundup—a monthly series that highlights customer-only news, webinars, and resources and other LIVEcommunity content pertinent to our customer base.



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