Expedition. Hotfix Release Notes

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Release Notes:


Hotfix 1.0.107

Date 10/18/2018


  • [MT-707] - LDAP TEST. Change the request from GET to POST
  • [MT-719] - Rewording. Deselected Objects by Deselect Object
  • [MT-726] - Problem to convert Shared Address-Group to vsys1
  • [MT-731] - The security_rules_tag, nat_rules_tag and appoverride_rules_tag were missing in clean_duplicated_members
  • [MT-732] - CSV. Static Routes. When select the Template the view changes to PaloAlto importation
  • [MT-735] - Used/Unused: Applications Groups
  • [MT-737] - Juniper SRX FQDN objects migrated without a value
  • [MT-742] - Objects: Hide Parents doen't dissapears shared objects
  • [MT-745] - Security Rules: Export to Excel: Profiles are missing
  • [MT-747] - Nat Editor: Source Translation doesnt work from the GUI
  • [MT-750] - Unauthenticated Information Disclosure in Expedition (PAN-SA-2018-0016)

New Feature

  • [MT-694] - Add to Menu Security Rules: (bulk changes) add/remove Log Profile
  • [MT-710] - Add new NAT Rule Action. Bi-directional


  • [MT-718] - Add options from Rule Action to Bulk Changes on Security Rule's Menu
  • [MT-725] - Add to Menu Security Rules: (bulk changes) add/remove Tags
  • [MT-730] - Unify the two menus of the objects (Applications / Applications Groups)
  • [MT-733] - Add to Menu Security Rules: (bulk changes) add/remove Profile Groups
  • [MT-743] - STONESOFT. Fix Disabled subpolicies
  • [MT-749] - Add options from Rule Action to Bulk Changes on Nat Rule's Menu
  • [MT-751] - Update BPAT to 3.6.1


Hotfix 1.0.105

Date 09/19/2018


  • [MT-263] - Activate ML/RE rules via rightclick without clicking firs with the left button.
  • [MT-676] - MultiEdit changed parameters from GET to POST
  • [MT-679] - Activate Set as Primary objects via rightclick without clicking firs with the left button.
  • [MT-680] - Activate Rule Actions via rightclick (Security) without clicking firs with the left button.
  • [MT-681] - CombineSecurity rules from Main Menu was not working properly
  • [MT-682] - CISCO. The function addPrefixSuffix was removed. Added again to avoid import crash if ipsec tunnels defined.
  • [MT-685] - Activate Rule Actions via rightclick (Application Override) without clicking firs with the left button.
  • [MT-689] - STONESOFT. Some member groups where created as duplicated objects because the naming
  • [MT-693] - STONESOFT. Address differenciate between IPv4 and IPv6
  • [MT-705] - Add "Case Sensitive" on Menu option: "Search&Replace"
  • [MT-706] - Export: Source configuration: missing Applications Groups

New Features:

  • [MT-360] - Improve Rule Search to include "by ID" in the search not just by name
  • [MT-701] - Rule Menus: Added option "All Rules" to "Add Serial" to all the selection


  • [MT-86] - Output: Drop Apps into Shared: AppGroups where not moved properly
  • [MT-519] - Join the two menus of the rules (Security)
  • [MT-613] - Add Filter: (Predefined) Rules with Users
  • [MT-687] - Join the two menus of the rules (Application Override)
  • [MT-700] - STONESOFT. Use Objects in Memory for speed up migrations
  • [MT-704] - Search & Replace: add Id] on grid "Replace"



Hotfix 1.0.104

Date 09/03/2018


  • [MT-633] - Virtual Routes: edit static routes doesnt oder by column

  • [MT-667] - Consolidations/Merge Nats

  • [MT-668] - MERGE Objects. The Descriptions are appended even they are equal

  • [MT-669] - Error JavaScript ServerProxy store Translation Type on Nat Editor

  • [MT-672] - Remote exception when filtering for unused when clicked on Dashboard

  • [MT-673] - Cloned Rule Nat

  • [MT-674] - STONESOFT. Cidr from objects are not imported

  • [MT-675] - STONESOFT. After GroupMember2IdAddress_improved new dummy objects were created

New Functions:

  • [MT-577] - Project Import. Verify the size of the file is smaller than MAX
  • [MT-670] - Filters Nat/App override Policies: Add filter with Target


Hotfix 1.0.103

Date 08/28/2018


  • [MT-654] - Tools: cloned rule exceeds the max lenght.
  • [MT-661] - Merge by value. Descriptions were incorrectly merged between objects.
  • [MT-663] - Missing options to calculate invalid services
  • [MT-666] - Rule Enrichment is not importing discovered rules

New Functions:

  • [MT-662] - SNIPPETS. Add new type SPYWARE



Hotfix 1.0.92

Date 06/22/2018


  • Output generation was broken if non utf characters or "&" were found in the description fields. 

New Functions:

  • Stonesoft: Added support for refuse action to be mapped with reset-both instead of drop


Hotfix 1.0.91

Date 06/21/2018


  • Cisco Nats: Improved the support for object nats.

New Functions:

  • Added Best Practices version 3.0.6
  • After the Update you have to run an script to update to python36
      sudo bash /var/www/html/OS/BPA/updateBPA306.sh