GlobalProtect Authentication Issue After Updating Adobe Acrobat

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If you have recently updated your Adobe Acrobat software and are now starting to face issues with GlobalProtect SAML Authentication, then this blog is for you.


Here in the LIVEcommunity, we have been seeing more and more search queries that have to do with this issue, and we want to take the opportunity to help call attention to a solution.


Issue Details and the Hotfix

Basically, people who updated Adobe Acrobat Reader and are running version 21.001.20135 find that this is breaking SAML authentication process and causing GlobalProtect connection to fail.


Once the user inputs their credentials on the embedded browser, SAML authentication window gets stuck in connecting state and the GlobalProtect App shows an error message (as shown below) regarding an Adobe plug-in.


Error message doesn't pop up automatically. User will need to hover over the GP icon on the taskbar to see the error message.Error message doesn't pop up automatically. User will need to hover over the GP icon on the taskbar to see the error message.

The short explanation is that this is NOT a GlobalProtect issue.


The quick fix for this issue would be to update Adobe Acrobat with a hotfix release, version 21.001.20138


For ALL of the details, including links to all the answers, please see the following article on Palo Alto Networks Knowledge Base:

GlobalProtect SAML Authentication with Embedded Browser Stuck After Updating Adobe Acrobat Reader to... 


More GlobalProtect Troubleshooting

Our very own @kiwi has written a great blog all about troubleshooting GlobalProtect. Be sure to check it out here.



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