How to Add a New Device to My Project

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There is a time when you already started a project and then you need to import the configuration from one device you didn't created yet.


  • From the Expedition Dashboard, go to Devices and add the new device.
  • After generate the keys and import the contents go to the Projects view
  • Select your project and click on settings
  • Go to Devices
  • Select the firewall you want to bring to your project
  • Click on the Arrow that points to the Right
  • Click on Save


Project's Settings ViewProject's Settings View


Now when you enter into your project and navigate to the Import tab you will see the device to be imported. 


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L0 Member

After creating a project and adding a device, nothignis loaded into the project page. Can anyone offer some help here?


L7 Applicator



That is normal, when you assign the device to the Project at the time to create the project you are only preloading the apps from that device into a new blank project.


After entering the project you can go to IMPORT and double-click on your device to import the config if its what you want.


The documentation will be ready at the end of this week.

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Has Document ready yet?

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