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This article is based on a discussion, WildFire analysis report rabbit images, posted by @CHOE-KyungJun and answered by @Adrian_Jensen. Read on to see the discussion and solution!


When I click on the WildFire analysis report, I see the rabbit image as shown below.



Has anyone had the same experience as me?


I would like to know the cause of the symptom and how to solve it.

There is currently a bug in the Wildfire Analysis Report tab that causes a "refused to connect" error when trying to view the report. It is caused by an iframe permissions problem in the PA web coding, which is fixed in the most recent PAN-OS release.



It looks like your client has configured a custom browser error page, using a "rabbit" background image instead of the default "sad page" image. Can you confirm with them that they made this custom change?




It is a web coding error in the page that causes a security block. The Wildfire Analysis Report tab is an iframe within the Wildfire Monitor page and the HTML explicitly blocks iFrames.


This is known bug PAN-183826 which affects multiple PAN-OS versions. There are recently released fixes for the bug in several versions.


In case you can't upgrade to a fixed version yet, there is a workaround which is to extract the URL to the iframe and copy/paste it into a new browser window.


From your PaloAlto, right click in the Wildfire Analysis Report tab and select "View frame source":




Then edit the URL in the new window to remove the "view-source:":




Then you can see the report:





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Community Manager

Thanks for the Solution help on this topic @Adrian_Jensen !

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It should be noted that @RingoCheung had the idea to use the right click -> view source method. Far superior to my original method of manually extracting the URL from the page source code.

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