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GlobalProtect with Prisma Access or with on-premise firewall is utilized by employees to securely connect to their enterprise environment and access their corporate applications.
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Learn why we need to consider Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) size when talking about VPN solutions, such as GlobalProtect, and what fragmentation is and why we want to avoid it.
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Learn how GlobalProtect can securely enable access to Microsoft Office 365 applications.
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Please be sure to update the certificates for GlobalProtect App Log Collect and ADEM on Panorama Managed Prisma Access and NGFW by performing the following.  
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Learn more about to configure Authentication Policy with MFA to provide elevated access for both HTTP and non-HTTP traffic to specific sensitive resources.
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Watch this demo of a seamless login user experience with GlobalProtect using client certificate authentication on Portal and SAML authentication on the gateway.
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See how to configure multiple external authentication types as well as add an internal gateway. 
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View the configuration steps for applying a vulnerability protection security profile to GlobalProtect.
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See how to modify security policy matching based on user identity and device context provided via the GlobalProtect app.
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Learn more about a new feature in GlobalProtect 6.0 that allows you to disable local subnet access for Linux flavors.
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Learn more about the initial setup of GlobalProtect, including a portal, external gateway, and user authentication via local database.
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