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Here are LIVEcommunity's October 2021 highlights.Here are LIVEcommunity's October 2021 highlights.


We’re officially into the holiday season, and just as our social calendars have started to buzz with happenings, our online community has been bustling as well. This month's Rewind recaps our AMA event on Cortex credentialing and training, a brand-new NGFW Customer Journey Guide, LIVEcommunity’s revamped Welcome Guide, fresh technical content by @kiwi, @jdelio, Cyber Elite @SCantwell_IM, and much more! Read on to see what you missed.


The Agenda for Ignite ‘21 is Now Available

Ignite '21 is almost here! The agenda for Ignite '21 is now available, so that you can now plan what sessions you'll attend at the three-day virtual cybersecurity conference. The agenda is chock-full of exciting keynote speakers, training, and more—including a product training by one of LIVEcommunity's Cyber Elite experts, @SteveCantwell. Join him Monday, November 15, at 3 p.m. to learn about the implementation of mobile users with Prisma Access SASE. 


Use your credentials created during registration to add sessions to your Ignite '21 agenda


LIVEcommunity Has a New Welcome Guide!



LIVEcommunity’s Get Started area is home to a fresh-faced Welcome Guide that includes a brand-new featured article and 10-step process for onboarding new members. 


We hope that our updated Welcome Guide is an adequate and warm invitation into our community for novice members and first-time visitors alike. If you’re new to LIVEcommunity, our revised welcome post — Welcome to LIVEcommunity! Start Here.  — is meant to be a point of entry. This new feature is a carefully crafted guide to shepherd you through the basics of getting started in our vibrant online community and set new members up for success.


ICYMI: LIVEcommunity’s AMA on Cortex Education Services

LIVEcommunity hosted an Ask Me Anything  (AMA) event on LIVEcommunity focused on Education Services Training and Credentialing Opportunities for Cortex. You can still read all the questions and answers about Cortex educational opportunities now.


Watch SASE 2021 On-Demand Now

SASE Converge 2021 might have taken place back in July, but you can still watch the Premier Summit for What's Next in SASE on-demand now! You’ll find insightful sessions on how three key themes—convergence, security, and user experience—reshape industries and help technology leaders to transform their organizations.


Check Out Our New NGFW Customer Journey Guide!

LIVEcommunity's Next-Generation Firewall page is now home to a Customer Journey Guide! The NGFW Customer Journey Guide is here to help you whenever you need it as you navigate each step of total configuration.


The Customer Journey Guide has five steps:

  • Deploy & Migrate
  • Setup
  • Configure
  • Integrate
  • Scale & Optimize

 In each of these sections, you will see exactly all of the details you need to perform every step, along with extra resources along the way. Rest assured that we have organized what you need to use and get the most from your NGFW.


New Digital Learnings Added in Beacon!



Did you know that Beacon, Palo Alto Networks’ online hub for educational resources, regularly publishes new trainings and courses? Each week, new technical assets are published to Beacon, adding to its library of educational content to help our customers confidently install, deploy, and optimize Palo Alto Networks products. 


Here are all the Beacon digital learnings published in October 2021.


Using the Log Forwarding Built-in Actions to Create Dynamic Address Group to Slow Down Attackers

This article, written and developed by Cyber Elite expert @SteveCantwell, delves into tricks for using the Log Forwarding feature to block attackers—even faster. Keep a lookout for more Cyber-Elite written content on LIVEcommunity!


October 2021 LIVEcommunity Member Spotlight: @Slick

As we reach the end of month, we are back to recognize one of our most active contributors with one of our newest series—a monthly LIVEcommunity Member Spotlight. For the October 2021 Member Spotlight, we’d like to applaud @LAYER_8, for his participation and engagement in the LIVEcommunity. 


Discussion of the Week: Threat Log Spammed

In last month’s discussion of the week, we highlighted a question posted by a community member in early 2020 about threat-log spam and telling the difference between false positives and valid threats.


Tips & Tricks: What is Applipedia?

Do you know about Applipedia? The application database is used by Palo Alto Networks, along with App-ID, to identify applications traveling through your firewall. This recent Tips & Tricks column explains what Applipedia is, where to find it, and how to best leverage it.


October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

There’s no better time to think about securing your data and devices than, well, a month dedicated to cybersecurity. October 2021 marks the 18 years since the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency's (CISA) created Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The CISA originally created the “holiday” to educate people, promote online safety, and spread awareness about both the vulnerabilities of cyberspace and possible solutions.


In that spirit, we’ve put together five cybersecurity tips for individuals who might be unsure of how to protect their digital lives and data. 

You're now fully briefed on LIVEcommunity's October 2021 highlights! Have questions or feedback? Let us know with a comment.


If this was helpful, be sure to give this blog a thumbs up. See you next month!


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