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Organizing Vulnerability Management PracticeBy Shreyas KN, Prisma Cloud Sr. Product Manager




To get the most out of your investment in Prisma™ Cloud, we need to add your cloud accounts to Prisma Cloud. This process requires that you have the correct permissions to authenticate and authorize the connection and retrieval of data.



Prisma Cloud supports the below ways to onboard your cloud accounts

  1. Onboard cloud account individually (Subscriptions / Projects / Member Accounts)
  2. Onboard the entire organization (Tenant / Organization / Organization Root)


Cloud Account vs Organization Onboarding


Below is the table comparing cloud account onboarding vs organization onboarding and how it helps the customers.




How to move from Cloud Account to Organization onboarding?


To migrate, the customers need to onboard the organization:

Azure : Add Azure Active Directory Tenant With Management Groups—Automatic

AWS   : Add an AWS Organization to Prisma Cloud

GCP    : Add Your GCP Organization to Prisma Cloud


What happens to my previously onboarded cloud accounts?


Suppose the customer had previously onboarded a cloud account that is a member of the Organization that is now being added on Prisma Cloud. 

  • All the existing data on assets monitored, alerts generated and account groups created are left unchanged. 
  • The cloud account will be logically grouped under the Organization on Prisma Cloud.


Reference Links


TechDocs: Cloud Account Onboarding

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