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Hello everyone, 


With all of the advancements that Palo Alto Networks has made as a company, I think that licensing had remained as one of the pain points for users consuming Software Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW). If you haven't already seen the news, and to make your lives easier, we were recently happy to announce the release of Software NGFW Credits. With this program, you are now able to sit back and manage your Software NGFW's through the Customer Support Portal (CSP), as well as some features on the firewalls themselves.


To me, the best part of this new solution is the ability to scale. The ability to distribute credits, enable and disable firewalls very easily and quickly is so very convenient. 


License-based model: Time to deploy = days or weeks; Security requirement leads to purchase order leads to approval leads to procurement leads to license leads to software download leads to security deployed.

Flexible firewall licensing in action: Credit-based model: Time to deploy = minutes; Security requirement leads to self-service portal leads to credit allocation leads to security deployed.

Changing from a license-based model to a credit-based model is going to make so many things easier. 



Videos always help to visualize and explain things quickly when you want to understand how something works, and these perfectly show how to manage NGFW credits. 


We have broken down them into 6 chapters, and a Bonus 7th chapter is planned in the next week, so stay tuned.


Chapter 1 - Activation Email


Chapter 2 - Credit Access Control


Chapter 3 - Credit Management & Deployment Profiles


Chapter 4 - Register & Deactivate Software Firewalls


Chapter 5 - Using Credits for Panorama Management


Chapter 6 - Transferring Credits


Software NGFW Credits Playlist
Here's a link to the entire playlist on our LIVEcommunity channel on YouTube.


More Info

For even more information about Software NGFW credits, please see the following resources. 


Lots of great info is included in the Palo Alto Networks Software NGFW Blog:

New: The Industry’s Most Flexible Software NGFW Consumption Model


For more technical information, please see Palo Alto Networks Datasheet:

Capitalize on the New Flexible Firewall Consumption Model


From the documentation side, please don't miss out on the VM-Series deployment guide about Software NGFW credits here:

VM-Series Deployment guide - Software NGFW Credits



Thanks for taking time to read my blog.
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Stay Secure,
Joe Delio
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