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Join Spectrum by Prisma Cloud !

Spectrum by Prisma Cloud is the industry’s only cloud security event that meets you where you are on your cloud journey. Join us on April 27 for our inaugural event where we zero in on visibility as the catalyst to comprehensive, scalable security. W...

kiwi by Community Team Member
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Rotate apiKey in INSTALL_BUNDLE

We have been using the console to generate the YAML necessary to deploy a Defender Daemon Set to our k8s cluster (Compute -> Manage -> Defenders -> Deploy). The YAML includes an environment variable called INSTALL_BUNDLE. This INSTALL_BUNDLE includes...

GitLab SCM self hosted supported?

We have a self-hosted GitLab SCM and want to scan the IaC templates with Prisma Cloud.However, when we want to generate the webhook token following the instructions, it seems to default to and also there seems to be no way of changing thi...

DdeWit by L0 Member
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CSPM API changed?

It seems to be (from the content in the response) that the API of Prisma Cloud CSPM has changed. When I call '' the response (according to the documentation ...

Azure Cloud Accounts - Subscription-Tenant

In Prisma Cloud, we have had 6 Azure "Subscription" Cloud Accounts, these Subscriptions all fall under the same Azure Tenant.To make management easier, we want to just add the Azure Tenant Cloud Account. If we do this, will we have duplicate assets a...

SReis by L0 Member
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Prisma Internet access from remote site

Hi everyone, hope you're all safe and well. My company is in the process of rolling out Palo Alto, Prisma and Global Protect worldwide. I've come across an issue that is causing me a bit of a headache. I hope someone can help. Current setupSite A - 1...

BChana by L0 Member
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Configure Github enterprise API as oauth2.0

Hello all, I've been trying to configure github enterprise as provider on the OAUTH2.0 authentication page. For what I can experience the API URL is hardcoded to as I can see in the logs. My question is if it's possible to con...

Gitlab CI/CD + Prisma Cloud invalid credentials

Hello, I've been trying to do an integration with Gitlab CI/CD through the Prisma Cloud extension, in order to perform scansI used this documentation as a guide. Also I included this yml file in the pipeline. i got the following error: /tmp/twistcli:...

DeepinScreenshot_Seleccionar área_20210114180402.png
Gidiar by L0 Member
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