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New Prisma SASE!!

Just incase you missed it, I have written a blog talking all about the new Prisma SASE solution.. 

Palo Alto Networks Unveils Prisma SASE: Cybersecurity's Most Complete SASE Solution


Please take a minute and check it out.


jdelio by Community Team Member
  • 1 replies

Use HIP to deny logon to PA with exception

Has anyone effectively used HIP to deny login to Prisma Access? One of the biggest challenges we had with AnyConnect (and a large reason we are moving away) is that there were no native methods for controlling which device a user was connecting with.


Thrace by L0 Member
  • 2 replies

Cloudgenix Prisma SD-WAN network logs

cloudgenix Prisma SDWAN: Who does know the command line on cloudgenix to retrieve actual network log changes ? I am not looking for bgp automated syslog update but an actual network change like adding static route or shutting down an interface

Template for Prisma Access to Cisco



Is anyone familiar with a template or best practice document for connecting IPSec between Prisma Access gateways and Cisco IOS routers? We have several links up and running, but there seems to be random stability issues that cause the tunn


Resolved! Is it possible for Prisma Access to split the traffic between the on-premise globalprotect gateways and the prisma cloud based on app/domain/ip_addr?

When using Prisma access and on-premise devices can you do someting like per app_process/domain/destination_ip gateway selection (some traffic to be send to the geteways other to the prisma cloud)? What I mean by this is to do like a split-tunnel for


BGP, Community settings for Prisma

Hi all,


i have some questions regarding community settings because we use this in our org to influence routes selection.

Based on this document "


Routing - Last Resort Network



I am sure I tested this previously and found it work but today when I am testing the routing seems to fail -  as a background my sites have Internet using Prisma Remote networks and also backend MPLS connectivity


layout example:

I have all my R


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