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jforsythe by Community Team Member
  • 3 replies

Slow speed via Global Protect.

I have VM300 with GP without split tunnel. Between with and without GP their is a lose of around 6mb.

Is it acceptable to have 6mb of overhead lose? Will enabling/disabling ipsec in ssl vpn setting make any difference.

Global Protect: Full Tunnel Enforcement

I have already contact Palo Alot Networks support about this issue and their comment back to me was "you need to protect the route preference/configuration from the host side."


The issue that I am facing is that we have third parties that are not man


Resolved! VM-100 will not configure management interface.

We have a VM-100 to run int our test environment ( VMware 5.5)



Despite reading the same information over and over I can't get the management interface to come up.


I have applied the config


#set deviceconfig system ip-address


Fresh from scratch firewall config

So i can't find much on what rule of thumb to follow. If you know what applications you want to be allowed, should you start with the level4 version of the rule using just a port and then migrate to app based rule? Once app id identifies it properly


Anydesk config


I have tried to allow some specific users to use anydesk, but it did not work.

in security policy, under application allowed anydesk, service allowed any

in nat, service allowed - tcp 80, 443, 6568, 7070 (destination tcp)

but it did not worked. 



dwalll by L0 Member
  • 1 replies

User-ID Help

In recent weeks we've had a problem reported where one minute a site will be accessible for instance Youtube and then it won't be and then it will and it goes on, after looking in the logs when  the connection to Youtube fails is when the log show no


JonHill by L1 Bithead
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Azure ip-range list EDL size


I ran into a problem today when expanding a customer's environment. I'd previously set up an EDL pointing to a Minemeld-generated list of all Azure ip-ranges, no problem thus far. I've done this for other customers before without any issue but no


QoS Profile Configuration

I'm doing my first PAN QoS configuration- it's for a SIP trunk to a carrier from our VoIP network. I've read through the procedures and wanted to do a sanity check for my approach:


1) I've configured my security rules for SIP to have QoS "Follow Clie


Panorama require description on policies



I am exploring enabling "Require description on policies" in Panorama.  From the documentation it is not clear to me if by enabling this feature will only apply to new or edited policies or ALL existing policies will require a comment.  Do




I am using OP Manager to check my Palo Alto 3020 through snmp, but i don´t have the OID to check RAM/HD % usage, i downloaded all MIB from Palo Alto Page and uploaded to OP Manager. I haven´t seen the OID to check that resources.


Do you have t


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