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jforsythe by Community Team Member
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App-ID(s) for Office 365 hybrid Exchange?

Looking for the App-ID(s) that would be necessary for traffic between my on-premises Exchange 2016 management server and Microsoft's server. This is really only for moving mailboxes to the cloud. May only just be SSL traffic as that is all I really s


Configuring Miner for JSON



I'm needing to build a miner to mine a JSON file found here ->


In building my prototypes I've tried two different types.



default: null
interval: 257
sudden_death: true


Monitor GP-Count with SNMP

I monitor our GP-Portal with snmp for summary of connected users. Now I configured a second portal on the same device. The snmp monitors only all GP-users over all portals. How its possible to divide the monitoring value into portal a and b?

GP Data file: You do not have a global protect license



we are trying to implement HIP checks for our users but we seem to be getting many clients not reporting AV installed

we have the same clients in the same locations and other gateways all reporting correctly

we have checked the non-compliant desk


MineMeld -Palo alto 850 Appliance

Hi Team,


we are using Palo alto 850 appliance with PAN OS 9.0.4. with Threat Prevention/Wildfire License. Still whether we need to use MineMeld for monitoring the threats.




Yuvrajd by L0 Member
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ThreatConnect feeds with Minemeld prototypes

Hi, there.. I just set up a ThreatConnect miners using prototype Minemeld premises that query a URL in Threat Connect ... the content of that IPv4 list contains two point IP addresses: and For some strange reason Minem



Resolved! GP portal not accessable

Dear All,


I am trying to access the GP portal but getting an error, site not reachable.


I have performed some troubleshooting and took packet capture between the client and the portal address and found TCP handshake is not complete. below is the scre



IP sec tunnel alert in PRTG tool.

Hi team,


If One of the Ipsec Tunnel goes down i must get that alert in PRTG monitoring tool....

I have created snmp trap and log setting according to the alert from system logs, Prtg tool is able to get that traps.

But customer requires a OID for this.


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