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jforsythe by Community Team Member
  • 3 replies

Virtual Router static routes

So I made the mistake of creating static routes that specify an exit interface. So now I have traffic coming into the firewall and then going out a different interface to get to other networks, rather then having that traffic hairpin back down my AE


Best Implementation of PA 8.0

Dear All Expert,

Do anybody can share Best Implementation of PA-8.0 ? 

Best Regards,

Resolved! Cannot access PA-200 via Console

Greetings all,  I have a PA-200, there it was previously configured and it was stored for long time, we wanted to reuse it, however, I cannot access it via console, when I connect to it nothing there in Putty just black screen. here is what I have: C...

mfkoko by L1 Bithead
  • 8 replies

dismiss global protect download link From GP Portal

hi Guys,


well, i m running on version 8.03 and have done all necessary clientless configuration but one thing is a bit weird to me.


-  Once a user log in  via the Portal,  he is able to use or see  the GP download link, has anyone any idea on how to


big_Gilo by L2 Linker
  • 1 replies

FTP weird behaviour



We realised that our PA is doing something strange with FTP app

We have create and above rule (Servidores a INET 1). All our FTP connections involved should match this rule but we see connections which are jumping this rule and mathicng in another


good rule.jpg
Bad rule.jpg

Skype for Business - Send files



Having some issues with Skype for Business and file sending. When i have SSL Decryption on, I cant recieve or send files over SfB (Works when I turn it off).

Does someone know what URL`s i should add to the "NoDecrypt" url list to make it work?

JoneSkj by L1 Bithead
  • 4 replies

Resolved! DHCP Clients Not Getting IP From ISP Router Thru VWIRE

Hi All,


I may be missing something but wanted to check with you all.  I have a network with a PA-200 (vwire) between a FIOS router and a Netgear Layer 2  switch.  I also have WAPs connected to the switch.  The FIOS router is providing DHCP address to


GlobalProtect & User-ID



I am trying to find some information on how to configure GlobalProtect with User-ID but haven't been able to. What I am trying to do is to enforce a new policy where when some of the users, who have laptops that aren't joint to the enterprise


GlobalProtect HIP not identifying products.



I have two different HA-pairs with GP VPN configured on them. I'm trying to get HIP to work on the client, but I'm running into issues.


First issue is there are a number of applications we're checking for including Dell Kace and Comodo AV Suite a


Migrating FW HA Pairs from Panorama -to- Panorama

Due to some organisational restructuring a requirement has come about to migrate existing FWs which are managed and associated to Panorama-A  over-to  Panorama-B with minimal amount of pain or change in terms of policies.


So essentially Panoram-B wil


nawaza by L2 Linker
  • 0 replies
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