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Now Open: Papers for the Ignite'21 Conference

Hi everyone, I wanted to let you all know that Palo Alto Networks is now accepting Papers for the Ignite'21 Conference! Palo Alto Networks is looking for speakers and presenters with highly technical backgrounds who can share their experience and exp...

jdelio by Community Team Member
  • 1 replies

Resolved! GlobalProtect, Working from Home, Prisma Access and Covid-19

To all, Just wanted to post a message about the Hot Topic right now, which is Covid-19. With all of this going around, everybody's health and safely is the utmost concern. Keeping your hands clean, washing your hands (A LOT), using hand sanitizers, a...

jdelio by Community Team Member
  • 43 replies

Resolved! Customizing Captive Portal login response page

I'd like to customize this page, but I don't see it listed in the GUI (5.0.x) Device Tab / Response Pages. I can see the rest, including the Captive Portal Comfort page... but no logon page?The page in the web browser is titled "User Identification p...

cenders by L3 Networker
  • 5 replies

Custom whitelist (size matters ?)

Dears,After changing the URL filtering Db from Bright CLoud to PAN Db, many many brazilian sites became "unknown"... Then by default they are blocked...We have created a custom URL Category called whitelist, and then we are putting there all these UR...

how can I get entire session table?

Working on the 5060 in 5.0.7, the active session count is around 60k+, in cli 'show session all' output will only return ~3000 sessions. API returns 9995 lines. How can I get the entire session table?The use case, I will like to be able to take a sna...

Resolved! Palo Alto Slow

Hello all,I am having a little problem of slow when I browse the web interface of the Palo Alto (very slow loading pages ...)Do you have an explanation for that?My version of PAN OS Software Version 4.0.14thank you

itracing by L0 Member
  • 6 replies

PANOS 5.0.8 User-ID problem.

Did anyone have a problem with user identification (IP from AD thru User-ID application), I have above with 5.0.8, on 5.0.7 is OK. Users from local subnet are correct discovered, but from other then PA subnets arent.RegardsAdam

wijasa by Not applicable
  • 4 replies

Resolved! PA-5000 Series Disk hot swap?

Hello~~I am very curious,,It is simple questionas far as we know, PA-5000 Series can install RAID 1 DiskIf PA failed either disksCan PA continue logging another disk?If soWhen failed disk exchange, Does have to reboot PA?I am extremely confused nowI ...

Resolved! Palo Alto at Home

My current setup at home consists of a comcast modem - PA-200 - linksys wireless router. For this setup, I have the PA in vwire connected to the modem and my wireless router is performing DHCP.Last night I attempted to change my setup and took down m...

Timeout Countdown for defined applications

HiCurrently running a pair of active/passive 4020's and I have a question regarding timout values set on applications.I have set up a new application with a TCP timeout value of 4 hours, is there any way of monitoring the count down from 4 hours to 0...

johnm by L0 Member
  • 1 replies

PAN-OS 5.0.7 Never again

Hi,We upgraded our PA to PANOS 5.0.7 and the day after the users report several problems: accessing to internet, and the vpn client Global Protect wasnt working. We have done a revert to the version 5.0.5 and now its rowking propertly........Anyone h...

Qualys Scans

Hi, Panorama and PA2020s on 4.1.14. Recent Qualys scans on the management ports have pulled up the following. I have read other posts on some of these issues but wanted to hear the forum's thoughts. SSLv3.0/TLSv1.0 Protocol Weak CBC Mode Vulnerabilit...

nickcx1 by Not applicable
  • 0 replies

XepApp 6.5 support for Terminal Services Agent

The release notes for latest version of TS Agent says it's compatible with Citrix XenApp versions 5 and 6. Does anyone know if that would be inclusive of all minor releases, specifically v6.5? Has anyone successfully deployed TS Agent on XenApp 6.5?T...

schaleg2 by L0 Member
  • 0 replies

Global Protect with Outlook 2013

Hello,We are running global protect on our Windows 8 tablet devices.All works well except for when the user switches from the internal connection to the external 3g connectionOnce disconnected MS Outlook will prompt for domain username & password.Any...

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