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Resolved! GlobalProtect, Working from Home, Prisma Access and Covid-19

To all, Just wanted to post a message about the Hot Topic right now, which is Covid-19. With all of this going around, everybody's health and safely is the utmost concern. Keeping your hands clean, washing your hands (A LOT), using hand sanitizers, a...

jdelio by Community Team Member
  • 43 replies

Resolved! Error decompressing data stream

Greetings All Been running minemeld for quite a while but have not seen this one before. We are setting up a new threat stream from a government provider that we have been using for a while but they are upgrading to a v4 of their feed. Did everything...

Resolved! Service Route Help

Hello, I need to create a source service route for LDAP on one of our PANs due to MGT interface IP being unable to access the LDAP servers (I am unable to change this). I have gone into Device, Setup, Services, Service Route Configuration, selected c...

COlson by L2 Linker
  • 3 replies

Avaya RTP UDP traffic dropped

Hi AllTrying to get a path working for an Avaya solution. I can see in the log that SIP traffic is flowing without issue. When the user tries to make a call I should see some UDP traffic within a specified range but I do not see it in the logs. I hav...

a.jones by L3 Networker
  • 2 replies

wild card certificate.

Dears, i am using a wild card certificate for global protect. when i tried to connect global protect agent. i am facing the below issue:- Certificate description:-I have imported the wild card certificate that is sign by digicert.firstly i have impor...


Panorama plugin for VMware vCenter

Hello Everyone,I would like to use custom tags from VCenter in dynamic address groups. We are using VM information sources, but this method isn´t able to fetch these tags. It seems that VMware vCenter plugin can do this thing. Is it good idea to use ...

How work App-id when trafic is not inspected

Good morning all,I have a question regarding the relationship between Appid and Ssl Decryption. How can the Fw recognize an application when the traffic is not inspected?Example user request What is the Fw...

IPSec SA rekey failure

Hello,I am not an expert on IPSec and its terminology, so I apologize if I write something inaccurate, but I try to do my best. I have an IPSec s2s tunnel between Palo Alto PA-220 and Mikrotik RB4011. The RB4011 is behind NAT so it initiates the conn...

jjurica by L0 Member
  • 2 replies

Issue with traffic on specific proxy id

We have VPN between Palo Alto and Cisco FMC/FTD.There is user and server traffic on VPN. VPN status is stable. I don't have any user complaining about disconnection.But I am seeing disconnection on specific proxyid. All of sudden I am getting ICMP re...

yshaikh by L1 Bithead
  • 5 replies
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