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Thank You for Filling Out the LIVEcommunity Experience Survey!

If you've visited LIVEcommunity anytime recently, you've probably seen a pop-up asking for your feedback. We've deployed this survey since April 2020 for new and returning visitors alike as a way to gather feedback from our users. 


In the past six


jforsythe by Community Team Member
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Summarizing Traffic

In Monitoring/Traffic I can see individual conversations. I wondered if there is any means to 

get summarization out of the PAN. For example, show me all the destinations IPs in the network which received traffic in such and such time


palomed by L3 Networker
  • 2 replies

Response Pages based on Zone.

Hey, all. We have some sites with guest networks as well as internal networks. These come from zones named respective to what they are (e.g. guest, wireless, etc...).


We want to have response pages setup so that people know why they are being blocked


Multiple ISPs to one internal server

We're having trouble getting traffic from multiple ISPs to a single internal server working on anything except the ISP that matches our default route. We need to be able to do this because we are trying to migrate from the ISP networks to the /24 we


NAT from Site2Site to virtual subnet


i have a problem with an Site2Site VPN connection.


i need an option to get access from external to my internal network but we have the same subnet


so i need access to but from the outside (Tunnel) i will use the ip




Resolved! User-ID agent tab missing v10

Hi folks- My customer is running v10.0.1.


In Setting up User-ID, we cannot locate the  "user-id-agent" tab.  Nor is it an option in the CLI .


I could create a user-id-agent on my v9 lab box, but not on V10…


Im guessing a v10 bug ??? 


I have a case op


dbrenipc by L3 Networker
  • 1 replies

IPsec VPN PAlo alto Mikrotik Phase 2


I setup IPsec tunnel between palo alto and mikrotik.
I found an example here.
I did everything step by step 1-13(see below)

I have PAlo alto version 9.1.3-h and Router os ver. 6.43.13.
phase 2 doesn’t work. How to befriend these devices? Help me.



melnikov by L1 Bithead
  • 5 replies

Palo alto placement


 cisco  campus lan design ( access distribution  core )

In data center  we are using  cisco vpc (spine and leaf ) 

Now I want to  place an (acive standby  fw ) in data center . 

I place the Please guide me to do so , Where should I Place the firewall


simsim by L4 Transporter
  • 3 replies

EVE-NG PA booting issue

Hi all,


I have a eve-ng laptop that i'm planning to use for practice. I have installed the KVM file and activated it as well as added it to the eve-ng lab. However, when i start the device. I get the error message "No bootable Device". This device is


PAN OS vulnerability

I have a Palo Alto (PA-5220) HA pair with software running (SW: 9.0.9-h1, Global-protect version: 5.1.3). I found below vulnerabilities are affecting the current PAN OS. I am planning to upgrade it. Could you please suggest the best recommended softw


GlobalProtect license usage

is there a way to check GP license usage on the firewall? Our firewall license should allow  2000 GP connections but we would like to see how many are used at this time.


Thanks in advance.

Customer Experience Day is a great day to celebrate YOU!

October 6th is Customer Experience (CX) Day, so the LIVEcommunity wants to celebrate you! 


Tell us:

  • Who has helped you along your customer journey in the LIVEcommunity or at Palo Alto Networks? Was it a community member? 


  • What does customer exp

LIVEcommunity Celeberating CX Day.png
jennaqualls by Community Team Member
  • 17 replies
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