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jforsythe by Community Team Member
  • 3 replies

Interfaces in power-down state

Hi all...I have a Palo Alto Active/Active pair and the HA3 link between them is down. Will PANOS then power-down all other physical interfaces when the HA3 link is down. Just looking for confirmation that this is expected behaviour or whether I have


Decryption or blocking NordVPN

Is it possible for Palo Alto Firewall to decrypt third party VPN agent traffic such as NordVPN, NordLynx like decrypt HTTPS web-browsing traffic?


If it cannot decrypt these traffic, anyone know the App-ID for NordVPN, NordLynx?

I found some VPN app-ID


JoeKwok by L2 Linker
  • 3 replies

Cannot login to GUI after pa-vm deployment

I deployed a pa-vm image 10.2.1, set the management IP from the CLI. When I try logging in with the GUI, I put in my credentials and then get the following error "Your login session has expired and you have been logged out for security reasons. Pleas


Resolved! cortex xdr agent connection problem

hi everybody,


we've installed cortex xdr agent on a terminal-master server which gets cloned for distribution


xdr-agent on master has active connection to cortex-cloud


but cloned servers can't connect...





2022/05/18T14:32:44.590+02:00 <Info>...

Block domain while permitting some access.

A group within my company would like access to, we will just call it,, but we currently block via an EDL based policy. We are also not decrypting this groups traffic as it causes issues with some of their connectivity, so options


Resolved! Management IP in Active/passive setup



I am quite new to Palo Alto firewalls, but have worked with different vendors before. 


When running a HA in Active/passive a central VIP for mgmt is usually setup, so you dont connect to the passive FW.

From what i see there is no VIP for mgmt in


Anydesk issue.

Hi everyone!
I have some issues with anydesk application. It has ssl issue because of decryption, I think.

I've added * ind 'SSL decryption exclusion', but it didn't worked.

Maybe some of you have faced such kind of issue?

Thanks in advance!


Resolved! Panorama 10.0.5 - Scheduled Config Export - ssh custom port


we try the export of the config of Panorama and our bothe Firewalls 3260 thru the "Scheduled Config Export".

It runs well with FTP and SCP port 22.


With a custom port ssh, the "Test SCP server connection" failed.


I found no future infos on https://


bovay by L1 Bithead
  • 4 replies
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