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jforsythe by Community Team Member
  • 3 replies

FileZilla & SSL Decrypt

The auto-update feature in FileZilla will break if SSL Decryption is turned on in the firewall. The following URL must be excluded from decryption:

kalakai by L2 Linker
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Panorama Virtual Appliance V.8

 Hi Guys,


I wanna update our  VM panorama currently running the v 7.1.10 to version 8.

my Panorama currently manages less than 10 Devices.


Could someone provide me with the requirements (like storage, CPU, RAMs)  i need to consider?

  P.S : Not having


big_Gilo by L2 Linker
  • 5 replies

Resolved! Miner to collect AWS IP

I would like to setup a new Miner to collect AWS Ips from the following, using URL    How would that be accomlished, I can't seem to locat


Resolved! Importing a WildCard SSL to use with GlobalProtect

Hi All,


Im trying to import a WildCard SSL to use for our Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN. Im Having some trouble as this is my first time using SSL. I can import the WildCard but im not able to link it to its Root CA (GoDaddy). Do i have to have this si


DNS proxy to GP clients

DNS configured in GP settings: Primary DNS, secondary DNS


Access route: split tunnel- allowed in GP.


Once clients are connected to globalprotect, they are getting the above DNS settings. so the traffic going to int


Multiple Certificate Profiles in Panorama?

Does Panorama 8 support the creation and use of multiple Certificate Profiles for administrator authentication into the Panorama web gui? If so, what else is needed to support the use of multiple Certificate Profiles? Does each Certificate Profile ne


Resolved! GP Clientless VPN setup

Hi, i have a PA200 for a testing purposes i want to enable clientless VPN access. Went to Device/licences and i see i do have a licence enabled.

then going to Device/dynamic update i do have clientless software uploaded:


but when i try to activate it



New miner assistance


Kudo's on Minemeld. We are slowly migrating to a PA enviornment and recently created an internal minemeld for our security team. I need your assistance creating a new miner that pulls data from one of our security partners. Due to sensitivities


quagmire by L0 Member
  • 0 replies

URL Filtering of Active Sync


There is some problem concerning url filtering of Active Sync.we create  url rule which must allow Active Sync but it doesnt work.we exclude this rule it is there any particular configuration about Active Sync?

Radmin_85 by L4 Transporter
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Palo Alto global Protect setup issue

Hi All,

I'm currently trying to set up an SSL VPN using the global protect client on a Palo Alto FW.

I have:-

- issue a self signed root CA and CA to the palo

- set up VPN tunnel

- created VPN zone

- setup an authentication profile using RADIUS and directe


Resolved! Response pages not always presented to users

My response pages work when users attempt to browse to a blocked category but when the blocked item is buried within the page users just get a blank screen until the connection times out.


Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


sturek by L0 Member
  • 3 replies

Zone Protection Profile - testing

I've setup a Zone Protection network profile and applied it to our DMZ zone.  I changed the default for port scan on the Reconaissance Protection tab to 30 events in 3 seconds.  TCP port scan is enabled, and the action is set to block-IP.


I run a tes


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