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New LIVE AMA event, LIVEcommunity Team Roundtable!

If you are curious to know more about how the LIVEcommunity works, have a chance to chat with community team members, or ask a non-technical question? Now’s your chance! The floor is open for all you burning questions now through June 24. The LIVEcom...

jdelio by Community Team Member
  • 1 replies

Resolved! GlobalProtect, Working from Home, Prisma Access and Covid-19

To all, Just wanted to post a message about the Hot Topic right now, which is Covid-19. With all of this going around, everybody's health and safely is the utmost concern. Keeping your hands clean, washing your hands (A LOT), using hand sanitizers, a...

jdelio by Community Team Member
  • 41 replies

GP Authentication issues with Symantec VIP

Hi,We are running Palo Alto Global Protect with Symantec VIP MFA. We have run this for quite some time now and it has been stable until recently.We are seeing random errors appearing on one of the validation servers. It seems Palo is sending the requ...

Firewall requests.png

Resolved! Two GP portals with two different certificates

Hi,Was wondering if any one has run two server certificates for two GP portals having two different URLs? In theory it shouldnt matter, and the server will be presenting whatever portal the user selects. The gateways will be different and will also b...

Support Portal display name is incorrect

Hi All, I have a little concern such that in the support portal, when I tried to create a support ticket, my name is shown as the first part of my email. Even I updated the display name section, still it shows as earlier. Is it possible to reoslve th...

Udana by L1 Bithead
  • 3 replies


Hello Community my name is Abdullah and i belong a poor family can palo alto team provide a free certification.

ABSTYLE by L0 Member
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Help understanding application dependency tree

Hello all! I am trying to find more information about the attached image - specifically when selecting an application in the process of creating a security policy, some applications appear to have dependency trees (shown) In this example of SNMP, SNM...

Resolved! PAN 3220 10Gbps SFP compatibility?

Is it possible to use 10Gbps MM optics transceivers or copper in the PAN 3220?I want to get 2Gbps to my edge and wondering if there's an option other thanbonding two 1Gbps ports. Thank you.

DHCP stuck at offer

Hi Team, I have configured DHCP server on PA.It is working fine.I check GUI and CLI it shows one IP is sitting at offer show dhcp server lease interface ethernet1/12interface: "ethernet1/12" id: 75Allocated IPs: 4, Total number of IPs in pool: 155. 2...

show log traffic equal api or cli (ssh and scp or api)

Hii am looking and recover on a machine1 example: "show log traffic log (ip source destination port ect ..)Machine1---> scp admin@palo ---->show log traffic direction equal etc ... export .. or https://palo/api/?type=op&cmd= etc.. it's possiblethank ...

axelfa by L2 Linker
  • 2 replies

AWS x PAN 2 tunnels PBF backhaul internet static routes?

Anyone run into this before? I have 2 x AWS tunnels (No BGP) and I want failover to occur and I want to backhaul internet traffic from AWS out through the PAN. I have connectivity between AWS and on-prem with no static routes configured. However, if ...

drewdown by L4 Transporter
  • 5 replies