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jforsythe by Community Team Member
  • 3 replies

Non business customer obtain PanOS downloads?

We use two PaloAlto PA-220 firewalls at my work place, and I have been so amazingly impressed   by the GUI interface and all the reporting tools on PA devices (especially the  Application Command Center ), I was considering piking up a 2nd hand PaloA


eveares by L1 Bithead
  • 4 replies

Restore Panorama from backup

We have issues logging back to panorama and error message is authentication profile missing. I have opened a case but to me it looks most likely we have to rebuild or factory reset it. We do have the daily configuration backup .tgz file which contain


raji_toor by L4 Transporter
  • 1 replies

How to allow access to OWA to selected external users?

Hello everyone,

I was hoping to get couple ideas on the problem that we currently have and cannot give a solution yet.

About a year ago we were able to migrate our old firewalls infrastructure to PAN.

We had 1 firewall facing internet(Sidewinder) - basi


Global Protect Gateway - Split-Tunnel Exluded Domains



I am trying to exclude some domain from coming through the gateway to improve user experience so they are not hair-pinning through our DC's


at the moment I have no access route entered so I am running out of our DC's - there are are c


Resolved! Filename field is empty on threat log

Dear Patrons,


There are two IPS in place with following configuration.


  • Objects > Security Profiles > Antivirus (Reset- Both)
  • Objects > Security Profiles > Anti-Spyware (no detail found)
  • Objects > Security Profiles > Vulnerability Protection (Reset- Bot

ICMP problem

I have very simple topology 


Huawei switch Eth-trunk----------------Aggregation Palo alto ------------P2P------- Router


In Huawei switch 

created two vlan's  vlan 10 , vlan 20

interface vlan 10

ip address

interface vlan 20

ip address 172.16.2


Cisco ATA Call Quality Problems Through New ASAs

Hello Community,


My company has a Cisco VOIP phone system. We recently switched over to PAN220 to PAN220 firewalls w/ IPSEC VPN tunnel connectivity between our two locations. We are experiencing significant problems with a single Cisco ATA 191 SIP de


Prisma Saas with Panorama

Hello ,


Can we intergrate Prisma SaaS into Panorama and All the centralised policy and Monitoring via Panorama ??


Any related document ?


Same like other DLP Vendors . for eg Mcafee EPO integrates well with MVISION ( Sky High)



Resolved! GlobalProtect on mobile devices and geolocation

Hello All,

Just want to start by stating I have not tried this yet so I am asking the community to see if anyone has. The question is, will maps/directions and geo location work correctly for a mobile device if the mobile device is on GlobalProtect. T


Policy Export Report Columns Unreadable

Using PANOS 8.1.11 and trying to export the list of policies along with the source/destination IP addresses, however I can see the policy names fine, but the source/destination/zone/apps/services columns are jumbled with HTML info. Is there a way to


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