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jforsythe by Community Team Member
  • 3 replies

Resolved! SSL inbound inspection delay

hey all, 

I've deployed SSL inbound inspection, connection gets really slow when SSL Inbound Inspection.
It takes almost one minute for the page to be loaded. Without SSL it takes 2 secs.


 Would any of you have a clue what could be causing the problem?


WRibeiro by L1 Bithead
  • 3 replies

Show A Warning Page When Loading A Block Website


Is it possible to set up either a warning page or auto email to the specific user when trying to access a blocked site, currently it just doesn't load and wonder if I can set up a notification to the user that the following page is not allowed?

DHCP Server Reserve a long list of IP addresses

Hi everyone,

I have a list with more than 50 mac addresses, I want to configure PA DHCP Server to reserve IP addresses to these MAC addresses, is there an easy way to make reservation instead of enter these 50+ records one-by-one?  Thanks.





Resolved! proxy-id information through CLI -IPSEC Tunnels

To all,


I have multiple tunnels on PA 850. It was difficult to see through which tunnel specific traffic was sent. I tried "show vpn ipsec-sa" it gave me only Peer IP addresses but not proxy-IDs ( interesting traffic permitted through tunnel).


is the


DNARNI by L1 Bithead
  • 2 replies

SIP traffic being arbitrarily discarded

Hello Folks,


We are currently leveraging Cisco's IP Communicator platform to allow VOIP to our user via softphone. The scenario is as follows:


1. User logs into a ASA VPN gateway using Cisco Any connect, the ASA is located in an AWS environment.

2. Th


PA-850 for a home lab

Hello everyone,


I'm looking to purchase a PA-850 for my home lab but after doing some research I have some concerns.


I was planning on buying an 850 on eBay then getting the lab PAN-PA-850-BND-LAB4 through a VAR but I think I will have issues. Based


openssh vulnerability clarification

             Below Advisory mentioned that openssh 7.9 is affected with few vulnerabilities  and on upgrade to 8.1.13 will resolve it.


but below pan os open source listing mentioned as openss


User-ID Mappings Not Showing

Hi All,


As the title suggest, I'm not getting any local user-ip mappings from our Active Directory Domain Controllers.


if I do a "show user server-monitor state all" on the cli I can see the output below (I've removed the domain controller hostname a


Resolved! DNS Proxy


i wanna achieve dns proxy wherein my requirement is as follows:

1. i wanna use my internet browsing PCs to use palo alto defined DNS which will use our ADSL 100mbps connection for browsing.

2. secondly, my other critical PCs will use DNS from exis


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