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jforsythe by Community Team Member
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Has anyone gotted the DHS AIS Miner working in MineMeld? We have an account with DHS and I configured the Miner with our subscription id as well as our certs. The miner shows all green (see attached screen-shtot), but I am not getting any indicators.


Jon_Irish by L1 Bithead
  • 14 replies

Global protect User mapping.

Hi Team,


One of our customer wants to restrict "per user-per system" basis.

In Global Protect Clients, one user is able to connect through multiple end devices.
Can we able to restrict i.e one user should be able to connect through only one end devices

MSTP and instances



So my reading says to me

don't put vlans on instance 0 .. seems like a good idea.


now how many instances can I have ?

cause I am thinking an instance is like a scoping tool.


I would want to put my WAN ports in an instance why would I want my STP re


FIPS 140 and CC enabling

Couple of questions on FIPS.


  1. When you enable FIPS140 on a Palo it wipes the device. Can you just reload your last saved?
  2. Can a FIPS140 enabled device talk to a non-FIPS device over an ipsec tunnel provided the cyphers are compatible?
  3. FIPS disables PAP.


Hi all,


I'm deploying minemeld on ubuntu 18.04.4LTS.

I have all services on fatal error state.

minemeld-engine FATAL Exited too quickly (process log may have details) minemeld-supervisord-listener FATAL Exited too quickl...

Decryption Certificate.

Hi Team,


I have created certificate which is used for Decryption purpose. I have installed in Windows and Mac and its working.

How do i install that in linux (Ubuntu or Kali ) ??

Please share your insights .






commit issues

Anyone else getting:


Error: Error reading tom data
failed to handle CONFIG_UPDATE_START
(Module: device)
Commit failed


Issue been logged with Palo for a month now and still not solved


I was running 8.0.3 when it happen and rolled back to 8.0.1 and still


Policy rules organization

hello Everyone hope everything is doing well.


questions for the experts on palo

i have 260 rules on my palo alto environment and they are subdivided in zones and i would like to make things more organized on my rules  .

question is the rules more high


publishing a site website service with ssl decryption

I have an internal server which i want to publish its service to public and need to do ssl decryption, does that means i need to do "inbound ssl decryption"?

and if so, as the website is natted from outside to inside, in the decryption rule in the des


chuckles by L2 Linker
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Release Notes in GUI

Anyone know what's up with the release notes links in PAN-OS or Panorama GUI?  Some of them are taking me to an XML response page and there is apparently an email circulating on REN-ISAC that the GlobalProtect links for 5.1.2 download a *.solitaireth


jsalmans by L4 Transporter
  • 1 replies

Minemeld configuration via TAXII output to Qradar

Hi All,


i've been trying to configure the taxiii output in minemeld following the tutorial of Qradar posted here but with no success.

I am running docker minemeld version, everything is fine until i try to add the url: https://hostname/taxii-discovery


macintos by L1 Bithead
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