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Thank You for Filling Out the LIVEcommunity Experience Survey!

If you've visited LIVEcommunity anytime recently, you've probably seen a pop-up asking for your feedback. We've deployed this survey since April 2020 for new and returning visitors alike as a way to gather feedback from our users. 


In the past six


jforsythe by Community Team Member
  • 1 replies

Lifesize new cloud architecture - FQDN based -

Goog morning,  
we have some problems in managing policy rules for Lifesize videoconference devices. With their new cloud architecture they provided a document ( with an FQDN and port list to open. The pr


SIAG by L0 Member
  • 0 replies

Log to CSV export limits

Hello everybody,


  sometimes I'm asked to export some logs from the devices I manage, and most of the time I'm given a well defined time range for the logs to search for. But sometimes I need all the logs matching a particular filter (source, destina


grenzi by L3 Networker
  • 3 replies

HIP Profile for Hosts Domain.

Hi there,


I am trying to setup the HIP Profile for restricting the users who've not joined to the domain( and I only want to allow RDP for those users. I do have active HIP subcription on HA devices.





certificate management with PA



Seems like the certificate renew strips all the SAN/Sub Alt stuff.


This is basic cert management .... 


So why this is a pain - bad ..


I have my GP portal cert generated by my PA. it was created with a SAN.


if I renew it, the SAN gets striped and g


Add LDAP *GROUP* as Administrator

All -


So, I know how to add individual LDAP users as local appliance / Panorama administrators.  What I'm wondering is, is it possible to add an LDAP group as an administrator, instead of enumerating each user individually?  So, instead of manually e


AutoFocus MineMeld with Office 365

Using the prototype o365-api.worldwide-exchange. Its supposed to pull the IPs in the service area Exchange but its also pulling all of the IPs in the service area Common. We do not want the Common IPs getting pulled. I have been unable to find away a


Resolved! Why PA is Responder for Phase 1 and Initiator for Phase 2


Seems Phase 2 is down and system log shows below logs again and again


and ( description contains 'IKE phase-2 negotiation is failed as initiator, quick mode. Failed SA: 198.160.x.x[500]-173.182.x.x[500] message id:0xF55F380F. Due to negotiation time


MP18 by Cyber Elite
  • 4 replies

giving the outside interface multiple ip?

im facing issue where a firewall with a outside interface is not receiving public ip adresses from the isp router , the isp router is showing it is own interface which is connected to the firewall as the arp destination for the public ip subnet inste


chuckles by L2 Linker
  • 7 replies

Captive portal to redirect to intranet site

Trying to set it so when users open their web browser and no matter what they go they are redirected to an intranet site for the first web request of the day. Same thing as a captive portal at a hotel, coffee shop, etc. Want it to redirect to http://


Resolved! Custom URL Category

I have a test url category with only one url. i have applied this url category to a test policy, not using a profile but directly in the policy under "service/url category".


when i browse to the site it uses the correct policy to allow the request...


MickBall by L7 Applicator
  • 9 replies

How do I make a feature request for GlobalProtect?

I'd love it if the last Gateway I used was the default on my list instead of Best Available.  Or if this was an option that I can turn on.  

If I am on a different network, perhaps it makes sense to default to Best Available, but it never picks the be


calasyr by L1 Bithead
  • 12 replies
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