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Happening in June: The Complete Zero Trust Network Security Event

Greetings everyone, Don't miss Palo Alto Networks' Complete Zero Trust Network Security event coming up in June. This event will cover the following points related to the newly unveiled Zero Trust Network Security: Secure access to the right applicat...

jdelio by Community Team Member
  • 1 replies

Resolved! GlobalProtect, Working from Home, Prisma Access and Covid-19

To all, Just wanted to post a message about the Hot Topic right now, which is Covid-19. With all of this going around, everybody's health and safely is the utmost concern. Keeping your hands clean, washing your hands (A LOT), using hand sanitizers, a...

jdelio by Community Team Member
  • 41 replies

Resolved! exclude-access-route is an invalid ipv4/v6 address

Hi All,, I'm getting this error, see attached, when trying to add new routes to Global Protect Split Tunnel config. Only thing I can think of, we're running v9 on Panorama and v8 on the firewalls. do the firewalls not like the format when trying to p...


Blocking ilovepdf application on Palo Alto

There is high risk app (ilovepdf) used which got identified in CASB in our corporate network & management informed to block this app in Palo Alto. Please let me know if there is any option to block ilovepdf app only specifically in Palo Alto firewall...

preetpk by L1 Bithead
  • 1 replies

Enable Global Protect from Linux

We have a problem in being able to enable Global Protect from Linux, see detailed information about the problem to guide us about it. I am writing to ask for help with a situation that I have been trying to solve for a while. I know that the Windows ...

Resolved! Software Upgrade issue 8 > 9

I'm currently running 8.0.6 and trying to upgrade to 9.1.3. I'm trying to install per the recommended stepped upgrade, but having zero luck. When I use the WEB GUI to upload 8.0.13 or 8.0.20 it says "PanOS_800-8.0.13 saved" or "PanOS_800-8.0.20 saved...

Resolved! Error message in System logs

We have a PA that is displaying this message every 60 seconds for some reason. "highopaque: DO NOT CHOOSE WMI in ADGMEL03 FOR YOUR USE CASE IF SEE THIS LOG AGAIN" What is it indicating and how to turn it off?

Resolved! Panorama modes

Hello, I have read about Panorama's modes. But I would like to know if Templates and Group Device's configurations are available without matter what mode is the VM/Physical device. As I understand the documentation, the Panorama's mode only determine...

iscott by L2 Linker
  • 4 replies

Issue with traffic on specific proxy id

We have VPN between Palo Alto and Cisco FMC/FTD.There is user and server traffic on VPN. VPN status is stable. I don't have any user complaining about disconnection.But I am seeing disconnection on specific proxyid. All of sudden I am getting ICMP re...

yshaikh by L1 Bithead
  • 5 replies

GlobalProtect ARM fails to run

I'm attempting to run my FriendlyElectric Raspberry Pi as a VPN router so I'm running a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS I started off having to install the armhf architecture and core libsdpkg --add-architecture armhf apt-get update apt-get insta...

9.0.9-h1 for Panorama?

I am looking to upgrade our VM Panorama devices from 9.0.6 to 9.0.9-h1 but whilst I can 9.0.9h1 via Panorama>Device Deployment>Software I cannot see it available under Panorama>Software. Does that mean that it is not available for my device?

StuartS by L1 Bithead
  • 1 replies

DHCP Lease Time

HiWe are distributing dhcp with mac reserve on paloalto. rental period is 10 minutes. is this time too short? Does the system get tired because the time is short?

Aykut1 by L1 Bithead
  • 4 replies