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Thank You for Filling Out the LIVEcommunity Experience Survey!

If you've visited LIVEcommunity anytime recently, you've probably seen a pop-up asking for your feedback. We've deployed this survey since April 2020 for new and returning visitors alike as a way to gather feedback from our users. 


In the past six


jforsythe by Community Team Member
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global protect client certificate

Hello Team,

We have a global protect portal and gateways running . GP is currently integrated with AD. The certificate on GP is a wildcard signed by an external CA. Currently no certificate check is being made and authentication is purely on basis of


Resolved! Whatsapp voice calls are not working thru firewall

Hello Community,

I would like to see if anyone had any success with making Whatsapp calls and/or video to work using an internal wifi network.
When I try to make a call with my cell phone, I will see "ringing..." and hear the phone ringing.  The receiv


Globalprotect in A-A

Hi,  I have some question.

If I have configure Active-Active HA and two GP portals with PA-3260.

e.g. fw1's portal :

fw2's portal :

(limitation of SSL VPN concurrent user from PA3260: 2048 ssl-tunnels)

When fw1,2 are in ope


gksnl11 by L0 Member
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GlobalProtect VPN Client Welcome Page



We had the welcome page for GlobalProtect VPN Client enabled at one point. We recently disabled it but the welcome page still displays upon connect. Has anyone else run into this and found a way to permanently turn off the welcome page?

Upgraded to GP client 5.2 Driver error

I installed GP client 5.2.1 for Win 64bit and received an error about a digitally signed driver... it reverted back to the previous version 5.1.1.. did I miss something. Download the MSI from the Support site.



Resolved! SSL decryption enabled and Packet Descriptor

Did SSL decryption on PA 5220 running 8.1.9.


When i run below command 


show running resource-monitor hour last 3

Resource monitoring sampling data (per hour):

CPU load (%) during last 3 hours:
core 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
avg max avg max avg max avg max avg max


MP18 by Cyber Elite
  • 4 replies

*Urgent* TCP out of order.

Hi team,


My customer is facing the TCP out of order in pcaps while accessing SMB application. 

He implemented the Zone protection in LAN zone which has Asymmetric path set as global, I changed it to bypass...


Will this resolve the issue...?? why TCP o


Regarding URL Filtering

Hello Everyone,


I am little confused in creating URL filtering policy rule. Does allowing certain url category in the policy block everything else?


For example in a policy from inside to outside i created and allowed url category online storage and b


PCNSE now Cover PANOS 10

To those who haven't seen it yet, the study guide is now updated August 2020 to reflect the exam on 10.0 which was confirmed updated by the Palo Alto Networks Education Services LinkedIn page. There is a link to this page from the official Palo Alto

nedriano by L1 Bithead
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Reliability of "name-of-threatid" in threat log searches

When using the "name-of-threatid" to search threat logs I am getting very inconsistent results.


Some signatures are returning properly, while others return blank results - even when I build the search syntax dynamically by clicking on the alerts in t


apackard by L4 Transporter
  • 1 replies

wildfire submission issue

There are certain files which were sent to wildfire for multiple times and every time we have received verdict as malicious.
The same file (i have verified the file hash available in wildfire cloud) is submitting multiple times even after the verdict



Resolved! PAN-OS BGP



I'm familiar with BGP in general, but not so much on the Palo Alto platform.


I'm peering with a service provider, but I don't see a default route being advertised toward us. The default route in the routing table is learned from an OSPF neighbour


Luke_R by L2 Linker
  • 2 replies
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