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Thank You for Filling Out the LIVEcommunity Experience Survey!

If you've visited LIVEcommunity anytime recently, you've probably seen a pop-up asking for your feedback. We've deployed this survey since April 2020 for new and returning visitors alike as a way to gather feedback from our users. 


In the past six


jforsythe by Community Team Member
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PA500 Restart Reason Log

I am trying to determine why a PA500 firewall was rebooted...i ran this command: tail mp-log masterd.log and got the below. I couldn't find any references for the restart reasons. How do i know if there was a power outage? Thoughts?


2018-11-28 13:37:


Expedition Tool Cisco to PA

I am having an Existing setup of cisco where all my ISP are terminated which is a standlalone device ,now migrating to PA 3220 with HA,but over here my ISP will be terminated on switch and from switch one cable to PA 3220 will be do i mig


Swetang by L1 Bithead
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Azure Frontdoor backend pools Minemeld configs


I am newbie with Minemeld and using it for the first time. I want to get the Azure frontdoor backend IP pools from Microsoft website and feed it to the Palo Alto FW. I created a miner, processor and output. The output receives no prefixes. Below


MurtuzaK by L0 Member
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PANOS10 Security Policy Not Matching Randomly

Running a PA220 with PANOS 10.0.1 Simple NAT/Security policy in place to permit an outside application access on X port.  Traffic flows as expected, although randomly traffic goes unmatched and is dropped by the FW.  Jiggling the handle by remapping


jdigangi by L0 Member
  • 3 replies

Zscaler and Global Protect Compatability

Does anyone come across issues when we are running Zapp and Global Protect client together on MAC.

We have GlobalProtect with split tunnel mode and we are in phase of migrating to Zscaler solution. We deployed Zscaler with ZIA enabled to for set users


Resolved! IPSec Transport Mode

I cannot find a way to configure the IPSec tunnel encapsulation to use Transport Mode versus Tunnel Mode in either the GUI or CLI ... anyone have insight into this?

aragone by Not applicable
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Query on Path monitoring

Will Path monitoring kick in if Enable HA is not selected?

One of the KBs mentioned path monitoring failure which cause the loop condition.


Link and Path Monitoring.png

Minemeld High Availability

MineMeld needs to be deployed in a high availability model, so if one goes down firewall will not start blocking allowed traffic from the rule base. What is the recommendation here?

Evaluation License

Hi guys, 


How do i get or buy evaluation license here? I do not see a link that suggest where to get or what process is needed. I'm running a PA lab on EVE-NG and wanted to be able to run Panorama. Now, i know to do that, i need to get a eval license


Resolved! Recommended Software release

Hi PAN Community!


I'm just wondering if there's a dedicated page/link I can refer to if I want to confirm if a certain release is recommended or not. I don't want to raise a TAC case everytime. Thanks!

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